Potential Wikia Theme

These are potential themes for this Wikia.

Note: I used the Ys Wikia I am trying to make in order to get these images.

Theme 1

Potential Campione! Wikia Theme 1

Theme 2

Potential Campione! Wikia Theme 2

Theme 3

Potential Campione! Wikia Theme 3

Theme Settings

All the Themes uses the same settings except for "Background Graphic."


  • Color: black
  • Graphic: Are the images below-
Campione! Background 1
Campione! Background 2
Campione! Background 3


  • Buttons: rgb(100,100,0)
  • Links: rgb(150,0,0)
  • Header: rgb(0,0,50)
  • Color: yellow - with "Transparency" all the way to the right.


Campione FavconPotential Favicon but could use editing for Transparency.

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